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Saturday, August 26, 2017
Listening to:audio book
Reading:Hope's Boy by Andrew Bridge
Hurricane Harvey is moving slowly over Corpus Christie dumping what might be 40 inches of rain over the next several days. It's sunny cool and gorgeous here, the middle of a sweet week of it. I've got cornbread in the oven in an old cast iron pan I restored, the batter has honey pickled cherry peppers and corn from the garden a couple years ago. My rooster and hen are strutting around the yard, ignoring the cats who are mostly ignoring them, too.

Perfect life.

This memoire I'm listening to is reminding me to appreciate the easy privilege I have enjoyed for 51 years. Thanks to Tracey Whorton for recommending the book. It's a well-written compelling story of a loving mom with mental illness and her son battling a shitty foster care system. It's another in the million pieces of evidence that but for a cosmic dice roll any accomplished shiny person could have been an invisible loser in your eyes.

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