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Wednesday, January 08, 2020
not a single post in 2019
Listening to:Foreigner unplugged StarRider
Reading:Little Book of Restorative Justice
Weather:34, windy, clear

The hell. I slacked for an entire calendar year+. I blame it on social media wasting/taking up my typeytype time. Weak, I know.

It's 2020, time for some resolutions, I suppose. I saw an interesting one (on social media, for the record) that I have already been halfheartedly trying. Cook one classic dish per week. And maybe drink a nice classic cocktail while you do it. I started making a list aiming at 52 classic dishes to make in 2020. Not necessarily new to me, and not necessarily classic to my culture. I already cooked 3 of them: roast chicken, chicken pot pie (which I made from the breast meat from the roast chicken the day before), and pineapple halwa. All turned out really good! The pineapple halwa was a mishmash of recipes and made up, I used fine couscous, crushed canned pineapple, coconut milk, cardamom, and butter instead of ghee. Delicious.

Another cool idea I saw was to make lists of things you'd like to get done on your house, room by room. You can put the lists in a cute drawing of a floorplan of your house to be extra cute. Put it in your bujo, like you did the classic dishes checklist. Working on that, too.

I should have some kind of resolution related to better controlling how much news I consume. Not cool to just turn away from it in disgust like I would like to, but also not helpful to stare too long at whatever bullshit the sellers are trying to sell, either.

Livi is living in DC as of last month. It's a year gig, but it already seems like it's been so long! Winter days are long days, I look forward to the increasing daylight now that's we've gotten past both solstice and the latest sunrise. Maybe that will make for a lighter disposition, as well.

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not a single post in 2019